About us

Conservative Friends of Ukraine (CFU) is dedicated to strengthening political, security, cultural and commercial relations between the United Kingdom and Ukraine, as well as between the Conservative Party and the growing Ukrainian Community in Britain.

CFU organises events in and around Westminster and leads delegations of Conservative Parliamentarians to Ukraine as well as to our ally countries to ensure that support for Ukraine remains strong in Westminster and abroad.

CFU was founded in 2022 by The Rt. Hon. Robert Jenrick and The Rt. Hon. Sir John Whittingdale in response to the Russian invasion of Ukraine. Former Prime Minister, The Rt. Hon. Boris Johnson, is the President of CFU and the Parliamentary Chairman is The Hon. Jack Lopresti MP, Deputy Chairman of the Conservative Party and Chairman of the All-Party Parliamentary Group on Sovereign Defence Capability. The professional team of CFU is led by Maria Tymofienko, CEO, and benefits from the support of volunteers.